Elevate your talent and workforce readiness strategy with Discover by Capability.Co

CapCo Discover empowers both individuals by providing insight into their full potential and organisations by providing valuable data to inform people decision making.

  1. Scientifically validated assessment tool already being used by large enterprise clients
  2. Built off 30 years of research into workforce change and the Human Capabilities required to build durable, adaptable teams
  3. Proven predictor of a person’s potential to perform at a high level in the future, in a range of roles
  4. Highlights hidden talent, blind spots and key areas for personal growth
  5. Provides clear and actionable pathways to create individual development plans
  6. Uncover pockets of latent potential in your current workforce

The tool incorporates 3 unique features:

Capability Assessment

  • Only assessing relevant capabilities linked to your strategy and purpose
  • 30 mins to complete on average
  • Admin access for HR/L&D team

Capability Profile Report

  • Self-assessment and assessed mindset data
  • Online portal and/or PDF
  • Different access levels for HR team vs employee

Capability Map

  • Aggregated capability mapping
  • Workforce planning data
  • Integrated with your HRIS
  • Ability to query data and configure dashboards

If you want to explore the tool further please click below.

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