Human Capability Standards

What makes us human,
makes us future-proof

Capability.Co is built out of the globally renowned
Human Capability Standards Reference Framework.

Professor Marcus Bowles and the Institute For Working Futures (IWF) have spent the last 30 years conducting dedicated research to identify the human capabilities and mindsets that are most predictive in creating a future ready workforce, career, profession or graduate. These findings led to the creation of the globally renowned Human Capability Standards (HCS).

In partnership with Professor Marcus Bowles, Capability.Co turned this research into a game-changing suite of practical tools. Capability.Co now operates as the commercial arm of the Institute For Working Futures with exclusive commercial rights to the HCS.

The HCS are recognised as world’s best practice.



Based on over 30 years of international scientific
and applied research with over 50 ASX50 and
Forbes500 organisations.

Foundational to leadership standards
frameworks developed in Canada,
Singapore, the UK, and Australia

62 %

Future Job Profiles

Deloitte analysis demonstrates that these
capabilities will form over 62% of all
future job profiles.

Capabilities of the future

Human capabilities are not about what someone has done or where they went to school, but who they are and how they think. It is these qualities that have the potential to impact the future.


1. Critical thinking
2. Adaptive mindset
3. Creativity


4. Communication
5. Collaboration
6. Customer focus
7. Problem solving and data
8. Digital Acumen


9. Ethics
10. Empathy


11. Leadership
12. Engagement and coaching
13. Agile and innovative
14. Direction and purpose

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