Help your students understand their full potential and chart a path to a fulfilling career with Pathways by Capability.Co

Pathways helps young people discover their often hidden strengths and true potential as the basis for creating pathways to further education and the workforce.

  1. Scientifically validated tool already being used by many schools across Australia
  2. Promotes self-discovery and confidence building in young people by helping them identify their natural strengths and qualities beyond just academic results
  3. Helps students chart a path to further education and work that is based on their human capabilities and thus can be more fulfilling
  4. Matches students to careers they are best suited focusing on the highest growing jobs in Australia over the next 5 years
  5. Verified credentials for national curriculum, VET or bootcamp outcomes that carry university Bachelor Degree entry credits

The tool incorporates 3 unique features:

Pathways Assessment

Pathways Assessment
  • Less than 30 mins to complete and can be done in stages
  • Questions focus on the 13 most important Human Capabilities for the modern workforce
  • Pages conform to a minimum of AA WCAG Guidelines

Pathways Profile Report

Pathways Profile Report
  • Provides insight into innate strengths beyond academic results
  • Focuses on 4 quadrants of capability type – Head, Heart, Hands and Lead
  • Maps potential career paths linked to the students human capability strengths

Verified Credentials

Verified Credentials
  • Digital badges and verified credentials
  • Shareable on social media
  • Recognises a students capabilities against global qualification standards

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