Skills are finite.
Potential is unlimited.

Capability.Co exists to help people, teams and organisations realise their full potential and achieve success in this ever changing world

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The future of work is human.

  • The future of work is changing.
  • The jobs of tomorrow are not yet defined.
  • Technical skills alone are no longer sufficient to keep pace with evolving business needs.
  • Our ability to succeed into the future will be increasingly based on our deep and enduring human capabilities and mindsets.
  • Research shows that by identifying and developing core capabilities and mindsets, you can build a future ready workforce.
  • A workforce that is more engaged, more fulfilled and committed to growing with your business
  • An environment where individuals can achieve their potential

We can get you future ready, faster.

Our suite of scientifically validated profiling tools, educational platforms and micro-credentialing solutions allow individuals and organisations to easily discover, develop and recognise the human capabilities and mindsets that underpin the future of work. This game changing technology helps organisations better respond to tight labour markets, retain capable staff and drive workforce planning decisions in ways that will deliver a meaningful and measurable return now and into the future.

Our solutions draw on the most recent research from the globally renowned Human Capability Standards.

The Human Capability Standards Reference Framework (HCS) identify the capabilities and mindsets that underpin the future of work. Developed by Professor Marcus Bowles and the Institute For Working Futures, the HCS are based on over 25 years of internationally recognised research.

Our solutions inject the latest version of the HCS (2022) into an innovative suite of practical tools that can be used by organisations to leverage the human potential of their workforce.

Trusted by leading Australian organisations and educational institutions.

Ready to unleash the potential of your workforce?

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